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 A friendly, laid back, easy to work with temperament is a valuable trait here - and all the does have it.  I expect our does to be productive, (they are after all MILK goats) and have developed a management program that supports each individual in reaching that goal. From there I choose individuals that are eye-catching, elegant, correct, long, level and have a strong milk & show pedigree behind them.  You will find many of the great Alpine Foundation dams & sires that excel in milk and/or show in the program.


In only a few years the program has become Nationally competitive in both the pail and the show pen.  I am thankful to the breeders who have entrusted their stock to this program.  The road is long ahead...... lets enjoy the journey.


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SG Waiilatpu STS Spice  1*M 05-04 89 VEVV

Dark Chamoisee - 2008 AMERICAN doe


Sire:  *B Brandt’s CFS Set The Style           87+EE

                Sire Sire -   ++*B Clovertop’s Fire Starter

                Sire Dam -   GCH Brandt’s Lil Summer 2*M

Dam:    Waiilatpu WRAT Celeste  02-05  88VEVE

                Dam Sire-   +*B Willow Run Abraham Tsavo  (Spotlight Sale buck)

                 Dam Dam-   SGCH Waiilatpu Gabe’s Cherabim  07-06 91EEEE




5-04    284 – 4640 – 166 – 120      (2013 Final)


**Spice is the dam of our Jr Herdsire - *B Xtraordindairy JCJ Stallone

**earned her SG designation

***Spice's first daughter, Sinnamon LA'd at 90VEEE and earned her milk * in 2013.


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





SGCH GA Dairy Ripasso   1*M 05-04 90 VEEE

Broken Sundgau - 2008 AMERICAN doe

SGCH Ripasso

Sire:  SG Wind Ridge Napoli  #4 ELITE SIRE 

(full brother to our our herdsire Wind Ridge VESUVIUS)

        Sire Sire -  +*B SG Redwood Hills Jaegar **#3 ELITE SIRE**

        Sire Dam -   SG Tempo ARC Verona 02-03 88VEEE (deceased) 

( SG*B Olentangy Fortune Arcturus 90VEE  X 2013 ADGA National Champion Sr Doe & highest LA’ing doe in Alpine history - SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazinni 4*M 07-03 94EEEE)

Dam:  Avonlea’s Chardonnay     

          Dam Sire-  Avonlea’s Bryce

          Dam Dam- Avonlea’s Claret


5-04    284 – 4690 – 161 – 136    (Final 2013)


*RIPASSO stood 4x Best Of Breed, winning every Champion Challenge @ CVDGA Cummer Spectacular.

*BOB @ Alpine International Specialty  - Disctrict 4

*11th in 5/6yr old Alpine Milker class @ 2013 NATIONALS

*Produced a TOP TEN kid @ 2013 Nationals

*Earned her SUPERIOR GENETICS designation, now an SGCH

* 6 consecutive milk tests at/over 18.0#


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:




Soldier-Mtn SMB Prada  3*M  02-04 LA 90 EEVE

Sundgau American Alpine - Feb 2010

Prada - photo courtesy of Soldier Mountain Alpines


Sire:  *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Blackout    (Full brother to *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Royal)

                Sire Sire -  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance

                Sire Dam -  GCH Soldier-Mtn PVLM Madame Maxime 2*M 92 EEEE




Dam:  SG Soldier-Mtn PVRA Pensive 2*M  04-02 88EEEV (2012: 305 - 4820 - 170 - 124 //  346-5270-190-144)  ***2012 Alpine TOP TEN Breed leader in FAT -#2 (170lbs), PRODUCTION #5 (4820lbs) and PROTEIN #10 (124lbs)***   (2011: 276-4250-150-119)                  

                Dam Sire-  Pearl Valley Rainman Aragon 89 VEV

                Dam Dam:  SG Soldier-Mtn Time Turner *M 06-04 89VEVE (02-04 91VEEE)



ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:




SG Angel-Prairie Elite Octobrmoon 6*M (AI)  03-04 88 VEVV

Two-Tone Red Chamoisee - 2009 FRENCH doe


Sire:    +B Maple-Glen Classic’s Elite

                Sire Sire -   ++ *B GCH Abundance Danish Classic

                Sire Dam -  Maple Glen RB’s Emily 6*M

Dam:   Angel-Prairie Pharoah October 5*M

                Dam Sire-   +*B Cherry Glen Romulus Pharoah

                Dam Dam-   Angel-Prairie Brutus Olive Oil 4*M (AI)




4-04    285 – 5720 – 202 – 161    (Final 2013)


One of the FEW own daughters of CLASSIC ELITE alive today

****Earned her SUPERIOR GENETICS designation


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:






SG Soldier-Mtn Nyeri Mirage  1*M 02-04 89 VEVV (FF 2 yr old)

Sundgau - 2011 AMERICAN doe  (pending 6*M)


Sire:  Pearl Valley Speed Nyeri (littermate to SGCH Pearl Valley Speed Niamey 03-04 92EEEE, 42 FU - 39 RU Height - 40 RU Arch)

                Sire Sire -  *B Redwood Hills Revolution Speed *ELITE SIRE*

                Sire Dam -  Pearl Valley Laredo Nakuru

Dam:  SG Soldier-Mtn Forrest Mosaic (pending 5*M)

                Dam Sire-  SG Soldier-Mtn Sherwood Forrest (son of multiple #1 & TOP TEN production breed leader SG Soldier-Mtn Lady Agatha 2*M 90EEEV)

                Dam Dam-  SGCH Pearl Valley Hi-Fi’s Mandolay 4*M 93EEEE


2-04    244    3400M    110F    90P  (Final 2013)

ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





Xtraordindairy HAP Raisonne 7*M

Sundgau - 2011 FRENCH doe

Sire:  +*B Hulls Abraham Padvinan (AI)

                Sire Sire - ++*B Willow Run Armand Abraham

                Sire Dam -  GCH Vance’s WRCR Tishona 6*M 

Dam: Hulls WRCR Renaissance 6*M

                Dam Sire- *B CH Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian (AI)

                Dam Dam-  SGCH Vance’s Remus Robena 5*M 92EEEE


   284    3290M    114F    93P  (Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





Redwood Hills C’est LaVie 9*M 02-03 85 VV++

Sundgau - 2011 AMERICAN doe


Sire:  *B Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman

                Sire Sire -  +*B Redwood Hills Ember Sierra

                Sire Dam -  SGCH Companeros Sequoia Jazz 9*M 91VEEE

Dam:  Redwood Hills Lance Sanvitalia 8*M 90 EEVE

                Dam Sire-  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance 91EEE

                Dam Dam-  SG Redwood Hills Sequoia Sandrine 7*M 91EEEE


285   2990M   107F    90P (2yr-old FF - Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:




Buffalo Trace KS Zilver 1*M

Broken Silver Sundgau - 2012 FRENCH doe

KS Zilver - dry leg

Sire:  Buffalo Trace Kustom Silverado 

                Sire Sire – *B Xtraordindairy Padvinan Kustom

                Sire Dam -  Addi-Hill SW Sheza Looker

Dam:  Kickapoo-Valley Saga Zeppellin

                Dam Sire-  +*B Pleasant-Grove Super Saga

                Dam Dam-  CH Kickapoo-Valley Cal Violence (AI)


2012: 2x 1st, 1x GCH Jr (dry leg).



  229    1890M    59F    51P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)

ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





SG Soldier-Mtn RHRS Sands Of Time  2*M   01-04 86 +V+V

Red Chamoisee - 2012 American Alpine


Sire:  +*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed *ELITE SIRE*  05-01 87VEE

Sire Sire –   +*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution

            Sire Dam -  SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M 04-04 93EEEE




 Dam:  SG Soldier-Mtn Time Turner *M 06-04 89VEVE (Lifetime milk 1796-21010-681-540)    (02-04 91VEEE)

             Dam Sire:    CH Waiilatpu HLL Baxter  91 EEE

Dam Dam:   Pearl Valley Hi-Time  88 VVEE (yearling score)


253    3320M    111F    95P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)

Totals are from previous herd test & our testing combined


Sandy's maternal sister is SG Soldier-Mtn PVRA Pensive 2*M ***2012 Alpine TOP TEN Breed leader in FAT -#2 (170lbs), PRODUCTION #5 (4820lbs) and PROTEIN #10 (124lbs)*** 

ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:






4th place Intermediate kid- 2012 ADGA Nationals

Soldier-Mtn BA Spilled Perfume 1*M

Sire:  Barbwire RHSS Achievement

Sire Sire –  Redwood Hills X Soul Searcher 03-03 91EEE

            Sire Dam – GCH  Olentangy Fiery Adularia 04-04 92EEEE

(own daughter of GCH Clovertops Fire Storm)

Dam:  Soldier-Mtn Forrest Iris 87 +VVE (ff)

Dam Sire:   *B  SG Soldier-Mtn Sherwood Forrest AI

(Pearl Valley Lifetime Liaison *B x  SG Soldier-Mtn Lady Agatha 2*M)

Dam Dam:   Soldier-Mtn PVRA Irene 5*M


259    2930M    100F    86P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:




SG Soldier-Mtn RHRS Chanel Noir  3*M

2012 Sundgau American Alpine 

Chanel's dam - PENSIVE

Sire:  +*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed *ELITE SIRE*  05-01 87VEE

Sire Sire –   +*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution

            Sire Dam -  SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M 04-04 93EEEE

Dam:  SG Soldier-Mtn PVRA Pensive 2*M  04-02 88EEEV (2012: 305 - 4820 - 170 - 124 //  346-5270-190-144)  ***2012 Alpine TOP TEN Breed leader in FAT -#2 (170lbs), PRODUCTION #5 (4820lbs) and PROTEIN #10 (124lbs)*** 

            Dam Sire:  *B Pearl Valley Rainman Aragon 89 VEV 

Dam Dam:   SG Soldier-Mtn Time Turner *M 06-04 88VEVE



  244    3570M    118F    104P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:




Center Stage WRR Raisa

Chamoisee  - 2012 FRENCH doe

Sire:  +*B Willow Run Juan Carlos Roscoe 90VEE

                Sire Sire - +*B Willow Run GB Juan Carlos EX91

                Sire Dam -  SGCH Willow Run Caesar Revenge 3*M  EX92 

(Caesar X SGCH Rishona 4x Nat’l Champion)

Dam: Center Stage NEY Piccolo 

                Dam Sire- Nixon’s Enduring Yancy (full brother to SGCH Nixon’s Enduring Sapphire *M EX93)

                Dam Dam-  Center Stage WRR Pandora 87VVVE daughter *B Willow Run Juan Carlos Roscoe 90VEE

91     940M    29F    25P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





Soldier-Mtn RHRS Wind Song  4*M

2012 Sundgau American Alpine


Sire:  +*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed  *ELITE SIRE*  05-01 87VEE

Sire Sire –   +*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution

                Sire Dam -  SGCH Redwood Hills F Sebastienne 11*M 04-04 93EEEE

Dam:  Soldier-Mtn PVRA Wind Chill  03-02 88VEVE

Dam Sire:    *B Pearl Valley Rainman Aragon 89 VEV                        

(++*B  Redwood Hills Kane Rainman x SGCH Pearl Valley Jayhawk Aroura  93 EEEE)

Dam Dam:   SG Soldier-Mtn PVLM Hummingbird 03-05 90VEEE


  204     2290M    74F    65P  (YEARLING FF - Final 2013)


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





Tempo Aquila Top PennyAnn 7*M 

Sundgau - American Doe 

Sire: *B Tempo Aquila Topfen (full brother/littermate to: SGCH Tempo Aquila Tetrazinni 4*M 07-03 94EEEE - 2013 ADGA National Sr. Grand Champion)

            Sire Sire -  ++*B SGCH Milar-Farm Royal Image

            Sire DamSGCH Tempo White Macaroon  3*M, 5-03 92 EEEE


Dam: SGCH Tempo Penelopy 6*M  

            Dam Sire - SG *B Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack FS 91EEE  ***ELITE SIRE***

            Dam Dam - GCH Tempo Aquila Salome 5*M


264    1870M    69F    58P  (Final 2013) 


ADGA Genetics pedigree link:


USDA link:





Xtraordindairy SFR Rumors

Sundgau - 2012 AMERICAN doe


Sire:  *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Ricochet (AI)

                Sire Sire -  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance

                Sire Dam -  SGCH Pearl Valley Jayhawk Aroura 7*M 93EEEE

Dam:  SGCH GA Dairy Ripasso  1*M 90EEEE

                Dam Sire-  SG Wind Ridge Napoli -  

                                           full brother to VESUVIUS

                Dam Dam-  Avonlea’s Chardonnay







thank you Matt Dalzell for the photo
Rare at 2013 Nationals

Xtraordindairy Rare

"Georgia" stood GCH & BEST Jr DOE IN SHOW at her 1st show of 2013

Black - 2012 AMERICAN doe

Sire:  *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Ricochet

                Sire Sire -  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance

                Sire Dam -  SGCH Pearl Valley Jayhawk Aroura 7*M 93EEEE

Dam:  Xtraordindairy HAP Raisonne  7*M

                Dam Sire-  +*B Hulls Abraham Padvinan (AI)

                Dam Dam-  Hulls WRCR Renaissance  6*M




Georgia freshened with one of the prettiest udders in the barn, just like her dam







In memory of.......

GCH PJ-Baileys’ Dante Athena 5*M  2009 LA 4-04  92 (EEEE)

sadly missed reference doe --- dam of SG Attitude & SG Allure

Sundgau - 2005 AMERICAN doe

GCH Athena
photo courtesy of PJ-Baileys Alpines (Patricia Bailey). Thank you.

Sire:   *B PJ-Baileys’ Awesome Dante  88VEE

                Sire Sire -   ++*B Kara-Kahl Awesome

                Sire Dam -   GCH Sanstorms Super Dazzle 1*M  88VV+E

Dam:   SGCH PJ-Baileys’ Aaron’s Ambiance 4*M (AI)  92EEEE

                Dam Sire-    ++*B Redwood Hills Profet Aaron

                Dam Dam-    GCH PJ-Baileys’ Almond’s Amber 3*M 90VEEV


Athena has joined her mom who was her best friend for many years.  Good night sweet girl. 



Athena's maternal sister SGCH PJ-Baileys' Sulten Arabella 5*M ~ Tied for 4th in butterfat (159#) on the 2012 ADGA TOP TEN BREED LEADER STANDINGS



it's the goal....... 
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The purpose of this site is to share my hobby with others who are also passionate about quality Alpine breeding.  Maintaining & care of the site is a learning project for Anahle.

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